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Hi! We are Entertainers with some ideas.

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This is our gift to you, oh beautiful world. Nowhere on the internet will you find such a large variety of quality printed t-shirts at such a ridiculously low price. While other online t-shirt businesses charge three times the price, and deliver one-third the quality, 6DollarShirts crushes them out of existence and makes them get real jobs. We have a combined 30 years of printing experience, a state of the art order processing and shipping facility, and a customer service team that actually services customers. Our artists and illustrators tirelessly design t-shirts they think you’ll love. This is our life’s work and we intend to make a difference. T-shirts are our passion. We wear t-shirts, sleep on beds of t-shirts, use t-shirts to cleanup spills, towel off with t-shirts, hang t-shirts on walls, use t-shirts as car seat covers, and most importantly, print high-quality, silk-screened t-shirts and ship them to you daily for only $6!

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