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Gift and Flowers

Gift Tips
There’s nothing like the satisfaction of giving the perfect gift. These phrases reveal how to give great gifts and when to give them.

How to be the Savviest, Most Sophisticated Gift Giver of All Time
Track Important Dates
When You Send Flowers, Think F.R.E.S.H.
Americans Weigh In on Saying “I’m Sorry” and “Thank You”

The Best Designs and Colors for Men
Matching Flowers to Personalities
With the hundreds of sizes, shapes and colors flowers come in, floral arrangements are one of the easiest gifts to customize. When it comes to gift giving, carefully selecting the flower varieties and colors you send will result in thoughtful, customized gifts people appreciate and like to receive.

The first step is to consider the preferences of the person who is receiving the gift. For instance:

What colors do he like?
Does she have any favorite flowers?
What are his hobbies?
What kind of message do you want to convey?

Men are stimulated by color and are visually oriented. Research shows that men prefer vivid colors such as yellow, orange and red.
Flower arrangements that are contemporary, linear styles or natural styles are best. Other favorites might include green or flowering plants.
Tell your florist that you want flowers for a man and ask for specific suggestions. If your recipient has a hobby, perhaps you could highlight that. For example, if he is a golfer, tuck in a box of golf balls. If he is into cars, add an auto magazine or two. Your florist can offer creative suggestions for flowers that are sure to please.
Go Generic

Remember, your workmates don’t expect you to remember their hobbies and might even find it creepy if you do. So go generic and get them a gift card to a popular restaurant, or even better – a gift card, which will give them the freedom to buy whatever they want. Right now you can buy a gift card from

Flowers for her


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